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Learn all about using servohydraulic testing technology for product development, at your own pace, from your desktop, at home or at work.


The class is delivered to your desktop via your browser.  When you register for the class, a manual is shipped to you. Everything else you need is online. The class includes questions along the way, and once you have completed the class, you will receive a certificate.

Now, through this class,  you can earn four Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) from Michigan Tech. See the FAQs for details

If you prefer, this class can be given at your site, and customized to meet your needs. Drop us a line for a free quotation.

Click here for a free tour of the class (uses Flash)

Jay Meldrum, Director of the Keweenaw Research Center at Michigan Tech:
“I found this class to be very informative, well written, and exactly what is needed to prepare engineers for today’s testing technology needs.”

For the on-line class you need Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher (>5.0 recommended). Your screen resolution must be at least 1024x768. Minimum connection speed 56k. If you use AOL or Netscape, you can still use them for all your other browsing activities. Just get on-line and launch Internet Explorer when you want to run the class.





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