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Servo-Hydraulic Components Buyers Guide

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Please note that this information is intended as a guide only. Individual needs vary, for help with equipment to meet your needs, contact us. Presented with no bias.

The leading suppliers of test systems are MTS, Shore Western, DTE, Team, Moog-FCSand IST. Don't judge their products by the quality of their websites!

Four Post Road Simulators

Four posters have become a commodity over the years. The vendors that have experience are Team, MTS, Moog, IST, and Servotest. I think just about anyone who can build hydrostatic bearing actuators can build one, and so it comes down to the controllers and support. Click here to read the controller reviews, and click here to read about the hydrostatic actuators.

If the four poster is to be used in a production setting, I would recommend either MTS or IST. They have both developed controllers specifically for the purpose.

Multi-Axis Road Simulators

While IST and Moog-FCS are both competing in this market, and worth looking at, MTS is the biggest player. They have the most experience, and they have tried everything. The six dof 329 is a result of years of experimentation. Moog-FCS is working on a Stewart Platform based road simulator. They use some cool control theory to tune the system, and because of its lower bearing count, and high performance, it apparently gets excellent performance to 80hz. VW loves their Moog system.

Test Stands

This is a generic term for smaller custom test systems. The vendors that excel in this environment are Shore Western and DTE. This is a high risk business, since every system is a one-off, and a prototype. Both these companies have experience working in this field, and they get the job done without abandoning it.


If you are in the market for an elastomer test system, take a look at MTS, IST, DTE and Shore Western. SW and DTE are becoming viable suppliers in this sector, especially for single axis work, and they are much less expensive. When you purchase your system, ensure the vendor has a dynamic calibration capability.


There are many different types of systems to test different components. In general I would say that the smaller companies are become much more competitive in this business, and certainly worth a look. If you need help selecting a vendor, contact us.

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