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Quantity 1
Model MTS 846.360
Size 58.5"x34"x94.5"
Description Description as written by the seller, MTS, on the original invoice: A. Model 846.360 Shock Test System 1. Vertical control console assembly with the following features: a. Model 490.21 Single Bay Console with caster base and storage drawer with writing surface. b. Rack mounted pushbutton control panel. Controls the following machine functions: Power, On/Off, Table, Raise/Lower, Arm/Disarm, and two drop buttons separated to prevent one hand operation. Also includes white indication light for power “ON” and red light for “ARMED” c. Model 466.10 digital waveform analyzer including: 1. Sensor Head 2. Flags and cables 3. RS232 serial interface d. Integral hydraulic power supply for machine’s lift system. Mounts directly to the base of the console floor and has an operating pressure of 1250 PSI (8.6 MPa) and a flow rate of 2 gpm (7.6 liter/min) at 60 Hz. e. Includes all necessary control cables and hoses to locate and control console up to 25 feet (7.6 meters) from the shock test machine. 2. Dual cylinder high rate hydraulic lift system providing even load lift to right and left sides of specimen table 3. High Strength Welded aluminum shock table with a specimen mounting surface of 36 inches by 42 inches and capable of handling test loads weighing up to 1,300 pounds in free fall operation. Maximum table acceleration limit with a test load of 300 pounds is 600 g’s and minimum clean pulse duration is 2.0 ms. The mounting surface of the shock table will be fitted with threaded steel inserts, ˝” x 10 UNC, on a 6 inch grid pattern 4. Hydro-pneumatic brake system provides fast response and low nitrogen consumption. The brake pistons are an integral part of the shock table and serve as the release mechanism to initiate a drop to prevent multiple impacts. The response time of the brake system will be such that it will catch and hold any rebound equal to or greater than 2.0 inches (5 cm) with no secondary impacts. Rebound heights less than indicated may require use of a Low Impulse Kit. A nitrogen bottle pressure regulator and a 10 feet long (6 meters) supply hose are provided. The brake system requires 800-2,200 PSI (5.5-15.2 MPa) bottle nitrogen maximum. 5. Model 846.36 6000 lb. Seismic Base Suspension System. Customer supplied seismic base. 6. MTS Systems Corporation Standard machine electrical requirements Controls: 110 Volts AC, single phase, 60 Hz, 15 amps Hydraulic Pump: 220/440 Volt AC, 3-Phase, 60 Hz, 2 Hp All Control Circuits are 24 VDC B. Shock Pulse Programmers: There are 2 programmer mounting positions on the shock table of this machine to evenly distribute the shock loads into the table and thereby raise its effective resonant frequency. The number of positions to be used is determined by the total required programmer force. The programming devices which will be supplied with this system are described below and mount directly to the underside of the shock table or on top of the base. 1. Model 846.00-06 Dual Waveform Programmer for use in determining product fragility levels and establishing damage boundary curves. This programmer is capable of producing short duration (2.0 ms) half sine pulses up to 500 g’s and longer duration rectangular shock pulses for developing damage boundary curves. The performance envelope for square wave pulses is given in chart ENG-2057. Switching from one waveform to the other is accomplished by charging or venting the pressure in the gas cylinder. Included is a rack mounting, digital pressure control panel for precise control of programmer pressure over the entire operating range. Minimum resolution is 5 PSI from 0-2200 PSI C. Acceleration Package including: 1. 500 G shock accelerometers 2. 20 foot micro to micro cables to link accelerometer to line power unit 3. Line power units D. Model 436.11 Hand Held Ramp Generator Kit E. System Services - - [not included] 1. System checkout and calibration at MTS, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2. System operation and maintenance manuals. 3. One year system warranty
Manuals True
Age 22 Years
Condition Good
Comments CTL Group has moved out of package testing and no longer needs this machine. It has not been used for a number of years, but was stored well.
Asking Price ea $5750
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