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Quantity 1
Model Arion 2-D
Description Non-Contact, Video Extensometers: Multi-Dimensional Measurement System
Manuals True
Condition Excellent
Comments Arion 2-D offers excellent strain and displacement measurements in multiple orientations. Similar to the way a rosette strain gage works, Arion 2-D is targeted for simultaneous measurements along multiple directions. Perfect for determining AXIAL, TRANSVERSE and SHEAR measurements simultaneously, it can achieve frame rates only slightly slower than its 1-D counterpart. Like Arion 1-D, this product is capable of axial strain measurements of 100% elongation with resolutions down to 0.005% and is fully scalable. Features A turnkey, non-contact, multi-dimensional measurement system High-resolution video technology with advanced video tracking algorithms Easy to calibrate, speckle free systems for fast and dependable setup Cauchy infinitesimal, Lagrangian and Hencky (logarithmic) strain formulation
Asking Price ea $32200
Shipping Responsibility Buyer Pays
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