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Re:Test ServoHydraulic Test Equipment Buyer's Guide.


Through our consulting services, we are continually working with products from the broad array of vendors in the field of structural, vibration, and fatigue testing. Since our main focus is on the use of servo-hydraulics rather than electro-dynamics, we have decided to offer our opinions on the equipment that is available in the servohydraulic testing field only.

Our philosophy at Re:Test is to foster a competitive environment. We work or have worked with all the various suppliers in different capacities, and when asked, we recommend the best solution in the industry to meet the needs of the client. While we might form alliances with vendors from time-to-time, we never let that stand in the way of being able to provide an objective opinion, since that is of the highest value to our customers.

This "buyers guide" is just that. It is a guide. Since it is difficult to make a straight recommendation based on generic requirements, we would be happy to work with you to evaluate your specific needs, and make a recommendation that matches those needs. We have never found a situation where our fee exceeds the amount we have saved our customers.

Since there is no single vendor that does it all (yes even MTS!), you will inevitably end up purchasing products from several. All too often, we are called in to test labs, where equipment and software has been purchased, and the engineers and technicians are having problems with integration. Not only that, but if I could add-up all the money that has been wasted on purchasing duplicate and unneeded items, I would have enough money to run a small country! 

If you are looking for the Servo Hydraulic controller review, this has now been archived. Click here to read (last updated in 2004)

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Buyer's Guides:

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If you are purchasing new test equipment, we can help you make the right decision. Whenever we have been involved, we have always saved our clients much more than our consulting fee. Click here to contact us.

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