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Category Description Willing to Pay Who Pays for Shipping Click on link to sell your equipment
Actuator MTS or equivalent double ended actuator with minimum stroke of 12 inches peak to peak and a force rating between 30 and 50 kips. Swivels and manifold optional but would be useful Buyer Pays sell
Actuator MTS rotary actuator: 2000 lb in to 5000 lb in, do not need controller/HPS but will consider a complete system if available. Price to pay will depend on condition/# of hrs Buyer Pays sell
Loadframe 1 -1.1 kip (5 kN) servohydraulic load frame c/w matching load cell, actuator with integrated LVDT, 1-2 gpm 4 or 5 stage servovalve, accumulators. Tabletop model would be ideal. Do not want HPS or controller. Do not need grips/fixtures. $10200 Buyer Pays sell
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