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On-Line ServoHydraulic Testing Technology Class
Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does the class cost?

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How do my students earn CEU's from Michigan Tech

When you purchase the class, you purchase as many CEU credits as you need. You assign them to your students in the Student Editor. You may purchase CEUs for students up until the point when they complete the class. When they have completed the class, they receive the CEUs from Michigan Tech.

How long does the class take?

This varies from student to student. It takes the average student around 20-30 hours to complete.

Is there a time limit for completion?

No, students can take as long as they like to complete the class. There is no clock running. Even if it takes them 40 hours over six months, the class will stay open for them.

Can multiple students take the class at one time?

Yes, provided you buy a license for each student. It is illegal to have more than one student take the class with a single license.

Can students "Rewind" the class?

The class is designed to have all the advantages of a live session, while also offering the advantages of being self-paced. Each student receives a manual to keep, which is a printout of the entire course. They may refer to the manual at anytime, and take notes as they go along. The class is divided into 10 sections, with questions at the end of each. Once the questions are answered, the student moves on to the next section. The student can jump around as much as they like within the current section only.

Can students leave and re-enter the class?

Yes, students can exit the class at any time, and re-enter. They are automatically directed the last section they were working on.

What if students have questions?

Again, the class is designed to have all the advantages of a live session, while also offering the advantages of being self-paced. Every slide in the class contains a hot-link to the instructor. By buying a license to the class, you are also buying the right to ask questions, and benefit from the broad experience of the Instructor.

Is there a certificate at the end?

Yes, once all the questions are answered, and the class is complete, students receive a certificate.

Does the class work with a slow internet connection?

If students intend to take the class with a slower modem connection, they may request an optional CD of the soundtrack. If students are running through a broad-band connection (>500kps), they do not need the CD. If, however, students are running the class over a modem, the CD ROM synchronizes with the on-line content to minimize the download time. Students will find that the class runs at their pace.

What are the minimum system requirements?

The class must be run on a PC with internet connection, a CD ROM, a sound card, headphones or speakers, and Internet Explorer 5.0 or above.

Do you offer site licenses?

The price per student drops as you order more classes. However, if you have a lab with over 20 engineers and technicians, please contact us regarding a site license.

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