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WebLive Learning ServoHydraulic Testing Technology Class 
Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the classes cost?

The normal cost of each individual session is $165.00 (US) per student. There are 12 sessions to the course. A discount is offered if all twelve are purchased at one time (Twelve-Pack - $1850). A manual is included with the Twelve-Pack, or may be purchased separately for $180.00. Shipping is included in the price. However, we are currently offering a 20% discount on all these prices.

If I have two students that take 6 classes each, can I take advantage of the Twelve-Pack?

Yes. You can buy a block of credits, and assign them to students as you please

When I buy credits, I see a table of Active Credits and New Credits. What are they?

Active credits are those that you have previously paid for, but the student has not yet used for class registration. New credits are those you have ordered, but not yet available to the student. New credits become active once paid for. As the student registers for classes, they decrement their active credits. If they un-register for a class, they increment their active credits. They can do this dynamically up to 2 days before a class.

Can multiple students take the class at one time?

Yes, provided you buy a credit for each student. It is illegal to have more than one student take the class with a single credit.

How long does the class take?

Depending on how lively the group is, each class lasts between 90min and 2hrs.

What if students can't make a class?

The classes are repeated often so you can catch-up at a later date. Each module is held twice per month at different times to accommodate different time zones and schedules 

We are in Europe, are classes held at a time we can attend?

The schedule is designed to allow European customers to take the class. The latest a module will run is 5:00pm - 7:00pm in Continental Europe. If this is too late, you should look at the on-line version of the class, which may be taken at any time

Can students take the classes out of sequence?

Yes. Although we recommend they don't, because the subjects build on each other

Do students have to take every module?

No. The training course is split into logical sections so you can tailor a learning experience to an individual.

How does the WebLive Learning class work?

You buy credits for students you identify. Once the credits are paid for, the students pull-up the calendar and schedule the classes they would like to attend. They are sent an email with joining instructions. Five minutes before the scheduled start time, the student logs-in to the session, and they are invited to call a toll-free number. The discussion is performed using the telephone conferencing, and the course material is presented interactively on their monitor. Students are free to ask questions at any time, and share their experiences with the other students. The 'meeting room' includes a chat room, white-board, polling station, and streaming video.

How close to the meeting time can I register?

You must register at least two business days before the meeting. You can also cancel up to two days before. However, once the deadline is past, you must attend, or loose the credit.

Is there a certificate at the end?

Certificates will be issued to students that complete all 12 sessions.

Does the class work with a slow internet connection?

This system must be used with a modem of at least 56k baud.

What are the minimum system requirements?

The class must be run on a PC with internet connection greater than 56k baud and Internet Explorer 5.0 or above.

We have a Firewall, is that a problem?

No, the WebLive Learning tool uses a simple plug-in to your browser that automatically downloads the first time you access a class. This should not interfere with your network, provided the download is accepted.

What is the difference between this class, and the on-line version?

The material is the same. The class is packaged two ways to meet different needs. If you want the convenience of being able to study at any time, for different periods of time, at home or at work, you need the flexibility of the self-paced class. If you need to interact with the instructor and other students dynamically, then the WebLive Learning class is for you.



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