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Servo-Hydraulic Controller Detail

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Quantity 1
Model MTSFlextestIIm
Type Analog
Version or Rev level
Number of Channels multiple
Control Modes
Valve Drivers
Cables yes
Manuals Included True
Approximate Age
Last Calibration
Condition Good
Owners Comments MTS Flextest IIm in (3) Racks Rack # 1 3 analog Chassis 497.01 with full Dual Dc Cnd card installed in all 3. 1 analog Chassis 497.01 with full Dual Valve card installed 1 Digital controller 498 with 12 times MTS 498.55 MIOP II card installed , 1 MTS 496.03B CARD AND MTS 498.96-5B PROC CPU-0 CARD. RACK # 2 has the same Components as Rack #1 Rack # 3 MTS 498.22 TEST PROCESSOR WITH THE FOLLOWING CARDS INSTALLED 1) MTS 497.07 AIM TRANSITION CARD 2) MTS 498.96-5B PROC CPU-0 3) MTS 498.03B AIM MASTER CARD 4) MTS 498.47 PAMUX CONT.CARD ALSO IN THE RACK 3 TIMES MTS 454.05 TEST STATION CONTROLLER and 1 MTS Data Concentrator Over 18 manuals included , system is all wired. 3 times remote control and IDAC Station with 32 TIMES 50ft CABLES ON BOTH SIDES selling all the equipment as a package. More Photos on request
Asking Price ea $517500
Shipping Responsibility Buyer Pays
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