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Re:Test, Inc. is a web based company that provides resources to structural, shock, vibration, and fatigue test engineers. The company has grown to become an unbiased source of information, networking, consulting, training, jobs and used equipment. This website is the first-stop for test engineers that have a need of any kind. 

  • Consulting services help you build your own test systems, design your lab, collect data, perform testing or analyze data
  • Training programs help new engineers and technicians to come up-to-speed quickly. 
  • Equipment reviews provide the best source of information on the current state-of-the-art, the viable vendors, and the best buys. 
  • Message boards allow you to communicate with each other to exchange ideas and help. 
  • Our online market allows you to buy and sell your used equipment to get the most out of your capital investments.
  • The job center allows you to find the positions you need to advance your career, or find the people you need to fill your positions. 

Our focus is primarily with fatigue, dynamics, and structural testing, using servo hydraulic test equipment. We have experience with the use of testing to support activities such as virtual prototyping, fatigue analysis, structural durability verification, and noise, vibration and harshness.

Re:Test, Inc., Inc. was founded in 1999 as the first and only dedicated company to specialize in used servohydraulic test equipment. We have been able to help sellers recoup their initial investment or free-up much needed warehouse space by helping them sell their underutilized equipment. Buyers have benefited from immediate access to quality test equipment that comes at an affordable price.

You post your used equipment yourself. You can also post to an equipment wanted list to let others know what you need. Our unique credits program allows you to trade your equipment for credits, which can be used at any time in the future to purchase equipment, training or consulting services on our site. This helps to avoid the accounting issues many companies face when accepting cash for capital equipment.

As we have grown, we have leveraged our extensive experience with servo hydraulic fatigue testing, to provide equipment reviews, tips, on-line consulting and training services to make test labs more productive.

We have hands-on experience with test rig design, and setting-up and running tests. The owner of Re:Test, Inc., Nigel Linden, is a globally recognized expert in real time simulation, with experience in a broad range of applications from elastomers to full vehicles.

Re:Test, Inc. is now pleased to be able to bring you training programs that are accessible directly through the website. You no longer have to jump on an airplane, or take a whole week out to travel to a class. You can access training directly from your desktop, at a time that is convenient for you. Through our on-line option you can learn at your own pace, where the fully narrated course is viewed through your browser. You have control over the pace, and you move from section to section, answering questions along the way. If you have questions, the instructor is never far away.

If you prefer to have training the traditional way, we can tailor a class to meet your needs, and come to your site to teach it. By bringing the class to you, we can use your own equipment for hands-on sessions. also has a forum. You can now gain access to highly experienced test engineers to answer your questions about test applications, test rig configuration, controller operations, test set-up and operation. The user community has extensive experience in testing components through full vehicles in a broad range of industries, using real-time simulation, block profiles, or simple sinusoids.

Re:Test also offers equipment reviews and vendor profiles to help you make informed purchase decisions on new equipment.

From complex multi-axial simulation to single channel tests, we can help you get the results you need, while supplying system components from our growing inventory.

This website will continue to grow and develop to provide you with the tools you need to be more productive. This is your site, the more you use it, the more you and others will benefit.

With the pressing need for timely, sophisticated testing and equipment, Re:Test, Inc has the ability to ease the time and cost constraint pressures of lab test managers worldwide. Re:Test, Inc. has a growing, accessible supply of information, test equipment, consulting and training services.

Call (612) 747-TEST for a knowledgeable and solution-based consultation.

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